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    Steering wheel vs wheel

    When playing with a child on a toy car, do you guys often drop the word "steering" from steering wheel when referring to it? Like when you say, "There's a cliff up ahead, keep both of your hands on the (steering) wheel ready for the sharp turn". (It's a pretend game, so no need to worry.) I'm asking because a child might argue that a wheels is one of those circular objects attached to the sides of the car.
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    Re: Steering wheel vs wheel

    Yes, native speakers frequently drop 'steering'. In fact, I'd say we're more likely to drop it than not, unless we're discussing car parts or something.

    As an example, here's a song called "Jesus take the wheel". The first instance is at about 1:00 in.
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    Re: Steering wheel vs wheel

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    I agree with Skrej that we probably drop 'steering' more often than not. However, if I were talking to a child in the sort of context you describe, I might be more inclined to say 'steering wheel' for the purpose of instruction.

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