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    had to be got through en route

    Dear Teachers and members

    In Academic Street by Mary Costello, I came to this phrase:

    "Occasionally, she went shopping or up to a céilí in Gaelic Park in the Bronx with other Irish nurses. She longed to give herself up to their good cheer and lightness. Being among people left her feeling lonely, even, at times, endangered. She felt divided from others. Their talk, their dreams, seemed to her incidental, artificial, something that had to be got through en route to the real conversation, the heart of the matter. She found herself waiting for someone who shared her sensations."

    I understand that to the narrator, other girls talk/dream are quite secondary and unnatural. But I do not really know what is meaning of underlined part. Please help me! Thanks for your time.

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    Re: had to be got through en route

    It means if she wanted to figure out the important part of their talk, she had to tolerate all the other unimportant stuff they talked about.

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