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    trailer house, temporary shelter, truck-mounted drill, landing legs

    That is a trailer house at the far left of the picture, right?

    Towards its left is a yellow temporary shelter, right?

    To distinguish between the two trucks on the left, could the green one could be called a cargo truck because the one beside it is called a dump truck? Do you call the contents of the green truck boxes?

    Is the red truck on the right is called a truck-mounted drill? Do you call those landing legs on the side of the truck?
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    Re: trailer house, temporary shelter, truck-mounted drill, landing legs

    The orange building is a little hard to see, but I don't think it's a trailer house. Note that in AmE, trailer houses are also called mobile homes. It's difficult to see, but it looks like it's on wheels. It almost looks like a boxcar, more than anything else.

    I also wouldn't refer to the yellow building as temporary shelter. I'd probably just call it an office, since I'm guessing it's the construction office for the work site. Note that I'd have described the yellow building as being to the right of the orange building.

    I'd probably just call the blue green truck a 'truck', or if you wanted to be specific, then 'cargo truck' is okay. I think 'dump truck' is okay for the truck with a red cab and blue body. The truck with a blue cab and green body is definitely a dump truck.

    The orange vehicle is again a little hard to see clearly. It might be a drill truck, although if so it's a simplified drawing and seems to be missing most of the machinery that powers the drill. It looks more like a crane truck to me. I can't quite make out what's happening in the hole at the end of the orange beam, but it looks like they're raising or lowering something into the hole with a chain pulley.

    The legs are called stabilizers or jacks.

    Edit: Yes, the boxes in the blue green truck could be referred to as either boxes or crates.
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