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    Is starting to 'creep up'

    " The end of term and the end of our school year is starting to ' creep up'. I came across this sentence in the school newsletter from my son's nursery. Please explain to me the grammar of the phrase 'is starting to creep up'. Why have they used present progressive and the phrasal verb creep up? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Is starting to 'creep up'

    They used the present progressive to show that it's an action in process not yet finished. It's just begging to start, but isn't yet finished because the term isn't finished yet, although it's getting close.

    If you're asking why they chose to use 'creep up' as opposed to some other expression, you'd have to ask the author. Presumably because they want to imply that it's slowly approaching. It gives the idea that the end of the term is slowly starting to draw near.
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