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    Can anyone help me with editing it?

    (I haven't figued out the names of main characters yet.
    B1:Boy1 ; B2:Boy2)
    *knock Knock*B1 knocks and enters the room. He sees B2 lying on the sofa texting and the Tv is switched On.

    B1: Hey man ,sup?
    B2: uh?
    B1: yeah, like what are you watching man?
    B2:I haaave no idea

    *Camera pans to screen*
    Tv: *it's a comercial* Laptop for cats. Have you ever foound your cat sitting on your laptop?
    Well it will no never occur again because we have "Laptop for cats" Plus they will get educated too.
    Only for $49.99.

    B1: what a load of sh*t.Where is the remote?
    B2: Lost man.
    B1: Wait, i have an extra.
    B2: Uh? Wh..Why do you have an extra?
    B1: Yeah, I keep it with me just in case. You know Hospitals and stuffs.
    B2: oh yea...yeah, B1.
    B1: Check this out. Maybe jerk it off a little, keeps getting rusty you know.

    B2 takes the remote and presses it
    Nothing happens.2 secs later a huge spiral thing sucks them into the tv.

    They both enter a forest, B1 lands on a medium venus flytrap and smashes it. B2's head gets stuck in the mouth of other Venus flytrap.

    B1 helps him to get out.
    B1:Where are we?
    B2: It better not be game of thrones i don't wanna die this soon.
    B1: Everybody dies B2, but we will reach a wh*re house before that happens.
    B2: i hope you are ri..right B1..
    B1: its the cycle of life
    B1: Check this out.

    A wild emo baby is borm from a wird flower behind the bushes.

    B2: Hey..Hey look there.
    wild emo Baby : DESTROY!!

    B1 and B2 get scared and start running

    Two space helmets appear with a gun on ground, both stop running

    B1: Hey look they are collectable material.
    B2: Tottaly, lets pick them up.

    They both pick up the helmet and wears them and B2 picks up the gun.

    B1: hey why will you have the gun?
    B2: Because i you ruun faster than me.
    B1: yeah, seems fair.

    They take another step and BAAM falls right into a trap.

    B2: owch, who could have done that?
    B1: Maybe team rocket or someone.

    Arnold swazznegger crawls from beind the bushes.
    Arnold: Hey man, sorry it was set up for the predators.
    B1: F*ck you man.

    B1 presses the remote randomly and they are sucked into another channel or something.
    Arnold: Hasta la vista, fellas.

    They are in space.

    B2: Oh B1, we are in space now. Things are getting wor..worse.
    B1: Don't worry let me press that again.
    B2: N..No man, What if we end up in something worse?
    B1: Something worse? What do you think will happen to you here, No one is gonna spend millions of dollars to take you home. No unless you are Matt Damon.
    B2: *sighs*

    B1 presses the button again

    And they are in a room.

    B2: Hey lo..look it's albert einstein.
    B1: No you idiot it's proffesor hawking.Alberts dead.
    B2: oh.Is he sleeping?

    They both remove their helmets and drop them to floor.

    Stephen moves his chair in a few secs and reaches there.
    Stephen: BOO.
    Did i scare you?
    B1: Nah, try again.
    Stephen: Why are you here?
    B2: Pro..Prof, Owr Tv remote is acting weird , it sucked us right into the tv and now we..we are just traveling places.
    Stephen: Let me have a look. Looks like a problem with these batteries, instead of sending a signal to Tv it amplied the signal and sent you both insted.

    Stephen snatches the remote with this robotic arms attached to the chair. He takes a look at it.
    Stephen: Tick tick tock tock. Here, it's just press the exit button and you will arrive home.
    B1: That was very kind of you Mr.hawk. *presses the portal gun and they both leave*
    Stephen: Oh, I forgot to tell them to set a specific timeline. Anyway.

    They both arrive at home, exhausted.
    B1: I need a drink.

    B22: Yeah me too.
    B2: I didn't say that.
    They look behind the door and there are one more B1(B12) and B2(B22).
    B2: *sigs*
    Hey pulls the gun from his shoulds and shoots B12 And B22.

    ___The End__
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    Re: Can anyone help me with editing it?


    I haven't figured out the names of the main characters yet.


    I haven't decided what the names of the main characters should be yet.

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