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    Majority of + is/are

    Hi! I have a sentence in my essay: "The majority of agreements concluded nowadays are/is governed by standardized terms". Shall I use is or are in this case? I'm confused whether the verb refers more to "majority" (then is) or to the word "agreements" (then are).

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    Re: Majority of + is/are

    'The majority was/were in favour of banning smoking.'── quoted from Oxford Learners' Dictionaries.
    Having read the above, I think both singular and plural verbs are correct.
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Majority of + is/are

    In cases when we have "some of/a lot of/a majority of/all of", the subject-verb agreement depends on the noun after "of". In your sentence, the noun is in the plural.

    "The majority of agreements concluded nowadays are..."
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