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    Future perfect progressive


    Are the following correct?

    They will have been discussing this matter for an hour.
    She will have been driving since morning.
    I will have been waiting for him for an hour.

    He will not have been playing games on his phone since evening.
    The girls will not have been talking for two hours.
    The teacher will not have been teaching English for 30 minutes.

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    Re: Future perfect progressive

    They are all grammatically correct. I have trouble imagining a context in which the negative ones would be natural though.
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Future perfect progressive

    "The teacher will not have been teaching English for 30 minutes"

    One reason that they're not natural is because they are always ambiguous. The above could mean:
    "It will have been 30 minutes since the teacher has taught English" and "The teacher will have been teaching English for less than 30 minutes."

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