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    Synonym for "evict"

    Dear friends,

    Several years ago a new metro station was opened in St. Petersburg near the Hermitage museum. Before that the closest metro station was within 25 minute walk from there. The problem was that there was no room for a vestibule because of very tight constructions in the center. Finally, they decided to free an apartment block and convert it into a metro vestibule.

    We can say that people were evicted from their homes and offered flats in other places. However, "evict" sounds like they've broken a law or contract and were forced to leave their flats having not paid rent or something else. I'm looking for a word describing what happened to that house.

    The apartment block was .... and a metro vestibule was built there for the metro station close to the Hermitage.

    Please help me find the word (participle or verb) when we're speaking about the situation I've described.


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    Re: Synonym for "evict"

    You can say that the apartments' residents were relocated. That covers both the evictions and the residents' resettlement elsewhere.
    I am not a teacher.

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