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    Orcs helping to study English.

    A friend of mine is learning the language and he recently asked me to review a text that he wrote for fun and practice. Although, it does not seem to contain any serious mistakes I'd like to know from the point of view of a native speaker if any pieces are unnatural, odd or just plain wrong. Can you give me a hand with that?

    Orcs: from evil monsters to Rebellious Tribes…

    Green-skin chaotic evil.

    There are as many orcs as (there are) fantasy worlds. From Tolkiens` black-skin monsters to green-skin orcs of Warcraft and Warhammer.
    Namely green-skin orcs are the classical image of this fantasy race. They are depicted as huge, bloodthirsty, green humanoid creatures with big fangs and flat apelike noses.

    Orcs often represent an “another world”. For example, Tolkien created his orcs from tortured elves and dangerous animals. This world is full of death and wild energy. Blizzards` orcs live in Outland (Draenor). Outland is a parallel world which gradually dies.

    Orcs are credited with characteristic features of the barbarian people. They are often showed as an antagonistic race that invades peaceful lands and destroys everything in its path.

    This race gradually ceases to be associated with evil. Warcraft is one example of it. Orcs were originally an evil race. But according to the story of Warcraft III orcs got rid the Filth and returned to freedom and honor that was once taken away by warlocks, such as Gul`dan.

    Unconventional image of Orcs

    Developers of Might & Magic moved away from traditional notions about orcs. Representatives of this race are brown-skin or red creatures in the last three games of the series of Heroes. Beastmen, goblins and cyclops joined the ranks of the orcs.

    According to the legend orcs were created then enslaved by the Wizards. They were created with the help of demon blood. The Mages created orcs to protect from Inferno. But orcs broke free from slavery. They became Rebellious Tribes.

    Orcs are presented as hordes of barbarians in Might & Magic Heroes V. This fraction of Heroes VI look like the Aztecs and live on the Pao Island. Orcs from the Sahara desert appeared in Heroes VII.

    Barbaric element of this race remained unchanged, but it has become the personification of the liberty. All the tribes of orcs are fighting for their freedom. “Never again” – this is their creed.

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    Re: Orcs helping to study English.

    All in all, not bad. You do need to make some changes, of course. For example, in the last paragraph say:

    The barbaric element of this race remained unchanged, but it has become the personification of liberty. All the tribes of orcs are fighting for their freedom. "Never again" is their creed.

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