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    Summer spies


    Can anybody tell me if the song lyrics are about peeping toms who watch other people with their telescopes which I think they could be and what devoured means in the context?

    Summer spies in my room
    Distant eyes look over you

    Long days our movements seen
    Devoured, a shadow turns to blue

    Watch your step, who you entertain
    It might be that Summer spy

    You've got no secrets ...

    Fatal Charm, Summer Spies, 1984 (song lyrics)

    Thanks a lot.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Summer spies

    not a teacher

    Your interpretation is possibly correct, although it's often difficult to be certain with song lyrics.
    We can say that someone is devoured, in the sense of "taken in", by the gaze of another. How this relates to a shadow turning blue is a little beyond me.

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