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    Is there any grammar mistakes in my text? + A couple of questions related to grammar

    I used to think that I didn't have to make any effort to be good at English. I in fact thought it was easy to be good at it until a native English speaker told me that he has seen me make plenty of grammar mistakes in the past. I'd find it very helpful if you corrected the mistakes you saw in this text.

    I'm kind of "lost in life" at the moment. I'm uneducated and without direction. I thought I could try a job in translation, if I was lucky enough to get hired, but I now feel kind of unwilling to even send out job applications in that field. I've been reading about many occupations and there's only a few I'm interested in. I'm not sure if I have enough faith in myself to carry out any of them. I feel pretty hopeless thinking about my future. I know I need to fix things now in order to get somewhere, but I'm very much scared of failure. I really want to find something to be proud of. I've been thinking about my skills, and I've come to the conclusion that I have pretty much none. Nothing that is worth mentioning anyway. I'm sorry if this has started to sound depressive, I'll need to try and sound more positive, haha.

    So I'll just keep typing. It's 10:30 PM where I live. It's rainy. Summer will be over pretty soon and I'm glad, I prefer cold weather. I'm listening to the band Queen. I'm a fan of rock music. I like lyrics that have meaning in them. I'm drinking water. My dog is asleep on the carpet. I'm going to stop until I bore you guys to death and just move on to the questions.

    1. I advise you to go for a walk during the day instead of going at night.

    Is it essential to place 'to' in the first sentence?

    2. I want green salad for lunch./I want a green salad for lunch.

    Can I say it both ways? Does saying green salad refer to green salad in general and wanting 'a' green salad to a portion of green salad?

    3. I failed at being a friend./I failed in being a friend.

    Which one? I see both, at and in, in the usage with the word 'fail' and I'm not sure about which one to use at the right time.

    4. There is/there are

    There are a lot of people./There is a lot of people.
    There were many artists at the disco./There was many artists at the disco.

    So does choosing which declension to use depend on whether the noun is singular or plural? Or?

    5. I like those songs from those bands./I like those songs of those bands./I like those songs by those bands.

    They all sound correct to me but I doubt it can be. ?

    I actually notice a couple of things above that I'm unsure of but I'll leave the correcting to you pros. :) Thank you in advance if anyone will be taking the time to read all this and especially if anyone will take the time to correct the mistakes I've possibly made.

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    Re: Is there any grammar mistakes in my text? + A couple of questions related to gram

    Welcome to the forum, Seasandskies.

    Please post the questions in the Ask a Teacher forum, with a separate thread and title for each.

    Thank you.

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