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  1. Ana Laura

    Thumbs down a sentence I don't understand...

    Hello Dear teachers,

    I would like to know the meaning of this sentences,which are from a text that talks about music.

    '... To its fans, MTV is the latest in hip. To its foes, it's the latest in hype'.

    I get confused with the words hype and hip.

    '... MTV appears to be turning the generation gap into a chasm in India...'

    I get confused with the words chasm and gap.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: a sentence I don't understand...

    "Hip" means trendy, fashionable, "cool", stylish.

    "Hype" means something that is promoted, advertised or talked about excessively, many times to the point that everyone quickly gets tired of it. Ex: There was so much hype surrounding Janet Jackson's Super Bowl appearance that no one remembered who won the actual game.

    A gap is a space, usually a small one, between two things or areas. The "generation gap" refers to the difference of opinions and ideas between young people and their parents.

    A chasm is a very large gap, such as the Grand Canyon. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a very large difference of opinion; for example, one could refer to "the chasm that divides the Catholics and the Protestants in Northern Ireland."

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