Hi everyone!

I don't like my English pronunciation that much, therefore I'm trying to improve myself by speaking loud a couple of times a week. First I listen to the text, then I record my voice while reading it loud. I've done that a few times now and feel that I need feedback.

How is my pronunciation? How can I improve it? What should I think about when doing this next time?

Here's the audio file:


Here's the transcript if you need it:

A night of chaos on the streets of Paris. This is how Euro 2016 came to a close.
Disappointment started early. The 90,000 capacity fan zone at the foot of the Eiffel Tower quickly filled, but dozens of fans were left outside. With many desperate to get in and fears of overcrowding, police took to using teargas to try and disperse the crowds.
At half time, the score was 0-0, but mopeds and cars were on fire. Then in extra time, Portugal scored the only goal of the game and France couldn't reply.
The host nation, desperate to have their spirits lifted after November's terror attacks, had lost and disappointed fans took to Paris's famous Champs-Elysses to vent their frustrations. Once again, police fired teargas at the crowds in an effort to control them.
But it wasn't all disappointment on the streets. Streams of Portuguese fans were also out, but then, they had cause for celebration.

Thanks in advance!!