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    Could you give me smoe advice?

    First I must thank you, Casiopea! I 'll think about your advice seriously, about which accent shoud I choose.
    One more question.I'll have our summer vacation sonn. And I want to read some English book.Could you give me some good suggestion?What kind of books are good to a freshman in English major?

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    Re: Could you give me smoe advice?

    You're most welcome for the advice, Chenxi.

    With regards to what books you should read, well, that's a rather subjective area. Read what interests you. If you aren't sure what to choose, ask the salesperson at your local English bookstore. They will be able to show you which books are popular and/or required reading for English majors in China.

    All the best.

    P.S. At the moment I am reading a book that I initially thought wouldn't be my cup of tea, but has turned out to be what I feel is one of the most well-written prose I've ever read! It's "Zorro" by Isabel Allende. (It was bought in Shanghai.)

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    Re: Could you give me smoe advice?

    Thank you ! I'll find some interesting books in mry school liborary first. and I'll go to bookshop'too. Hope I can learn some useful things about English. And wish you have a good summer,Casiopea!

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    Re: Could you give me smoe advice?

    You're welcome, Chenxi. Have a good summer.

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    Re: Could you give me smoe advice?

    Hey Chenxi,

    You will always find different accent in the different part of the world and even the country, the most beautiful and clear accent is British Accent, if I need to suggest you I will suggest you the "Neutral Accent" with the clear sound...

    See, Accent really doesn’t matter as far as your English is good. The pronunciation should be very clear and the grammar should be perfect, the modern English means that "The simple construction of the sentences"....

    Modern English = Simple words, Simple sentences, it should be easy to understand by the most common people...


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