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    concern for VS concern about/over/with

    In a Longman Dictionary I read
    concern for
    ▪ our concern for human rights
    ▪ The reforms are motivated by a concern for the disabled.
    concern about/over/with
    ▪ the rise of concern about the environment
    ▪ the growing concern over inflation
    ▪ concern with worsening law and order
    ▪ I did voice my concern about the financial management

    Not much information about how to discriminate these two cases. Is there a rule of thumb for that?
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    Re: concern for VS concern about/over/with

    No, not really, but to keep it relatively simple, what I would advise is this:

    • concern for something you think is at risk (concern for human rights)
    • concern about something you think might put something else at risk (concern about global warming)

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