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    Question Proposal

    I would be appreciated if you could help me about the grammar points of this phrase (related to a proposal):

    Apart fromthe controversially issues about the origin of WE and SO, in this proposal andin a short review, answering of these questions would be investigated,thereafter based on the data from this review, the main question ofthe study would be asked :

    Does itexist some kind of correlation between WE and SO in such a way theirinduction can be explained based on the common pathway and receptors?
    Whichpharmacological intervention can modify the action of these receptors in anearly most specific way?
    Does itexist any TD in WE and SO which has been derived from common mechanism in WEand SO?

    Consideringthese data, the main question arises asto whether it is possible to interpret saw tooth profile in accordance with thetemporal pattern in wind up which is modified by pharmacological agents such as……..?

    Best regards
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    Re: Proposal

    Welcome to the forum, Omid.

    It's a paragraph — not a phrase.

    What is it a proposal for? Is it your own work or somebody else's? Is it going to be submitted to your tutor? Why is the last sentence unfinished?

    The copy and paste process has resulted in many pairs of words being run together. Please use Edit Post to insert spaces where necessary.

    You need to write out in full TD, WE and SO the first time you use them.

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