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    Learning by reading or doing

    Hi teachers,
    My brother is learning to write. Please help him to correct his essay.

    When we are young, we mainly learn by reading under teacherís instructions. We read a lot of textbooks, magazines, newspaper, and any other kinds of written materials. However, there are many skills that we cannot learn by reading alone such as riding bicycles, playing guitar and swimming. In my opinion, learning by doing things is better for me because it is easier and faster that acquiring new skills and knowledge through practicing.
    Most students learn more effectively when they do things. Learning should go together with practice because it's difficult to solve problems when you just learn by reading. Riding techniques seem not so hard when you read them in a book; however, when you practice, the subtleties of keeping your balance, steering and maintaining the proper speed become very apparent. These are things you could not learn simply by reading. You get a deeper understanding of the subject when you doing. When doing something, you are able to apply your unique set of skills, talents and experiences to the activity.
    In conclusion, many people have different ways to learn, if you are good at listening to other people or reading some things, you should associate they together to get absolutely their value. Whether you succeed or not, it depends on what way you choose, for me, I'd better learn by doing things.

    Thanks with regards.

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    Re: Learning by reading or doing

    I think your brother should join the forum. He can ask his own questions.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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