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    the titans and Nereids

    Dear Teachers,

    Again, from Mirror, Mirror by Gregory Maquire:

    "I was more interested in the beast pulled from the mud of the Tiber. How had the Tiber conspired to lose her grip on one of its own sinews? What keeps a river in its banks but the spirits of the drowned, the titans and Nereids, whose time has passed, and who in shame and righteous humility cover themselves with their watery blanket?
    What did it say about the movement of time, about what was about to happen, about...?"

    I got lost after "the titans and Nereids", before which I understand it's talking about somebody drowned in Tiber. But what's this to do with titans and Nereids? And why would it say they were in "shame and righteous humility"?
    And, in the seperate sentence "What did it say about...", what does "it" refer to? Tiber?

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    Re: the titans and Nereids

    I presume the shame and humility comes from having drowned. The spirits hold the river in place, the watery blanket. 'It' refers to the beast being pulled out, which goes against the usual pattern of the river keeping the drowned.


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