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    on time VS in time

    I still have problems with ‘on time’ and ‘in time’. I’ve made a selection. Please correct the wrong choices.

    ********************* IN *****************
    1. Alex is late again - he never comes in time.
    2. Fortunately, the ambulance arrived in time.
    3. Be right in time or we'll leave without you.
    4. We got there in time to say good bye to them.
    5. Don't worry - I will be back in time to prepare the dinner.
    6. If we hurry up, we'll be in time for dinner.
    7. I got to the airport in time to meet my parents.
    8. We finished the cleaning just in time for their arrival.
    9. Hurry up, Kate, or we won't be in time to catch the train.
    10. I'll take you to the airport in time for checking in.
    11. Despite bad weather, we were in time for the lecture.
    12. The fire brigade was in time to save the people.
    13. Only half the guests had arrived in time.
    14. If the plane is late, we won't get to Paris in time.
    15. I returned home just in time for the start of the game.
    16. Hurry up, Jack, or we won't be in time for the movie.
    17. We got there just in time for dinner.

    ******************** ON *******************
    18. Thank you, Mary - the presentation began and finished on time.
    19. Despite the heavy snow, the bus arrived on time.
    20. I'm in a hurry because I want to arrive on time.
    21. Yes, she's always on time and always in a good mood.
    22. We tried our best and completed the project on time.
    23. I hope all of you submit your essays on time.
    24. The plane arrived at the airport on time.
    25. At this time of year buses are never on time.
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    Re: on time VS in time

    'In time' means 'not late' or 'sufficiently early for something else to be made possible'.

    1 and 3 are wrong. I would say that 9 is too. 13 seems incomplete.

    'On time' means at/by the appointed time. All of those sentences are OK.
    I am not a teacher

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