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    Post I need urgent help in English testT on my University Entrance exam

    Hello, this year I am enrolling in university and I had to take English language tests. Today at 12 A.M. they publicized the results and I got 96/100, but every point is important to me and I'm thinking of appealing the results, please I ask you for help to make sure that my answers were really wrong or if it's worth appealing.
    I only wonder the fifth gap. In the fifth gap I wrote "so" but they gave me zero point for it. Please, tell if it's wrong or not...
    Task 7: Read the text and fill the gaps with one of the following: article, preposition, conjunction or relative pronoun.Insert only ONE word. Do not copy the extra words from the text on the answer sheet.
    Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is celebrated in many countries around .…. (1) world, although it isnot a public holiday in most .…. (2) them. In early Christian times St Valentine was a holy man .…. (3) was imprisoned andthen killed .…. (4) performing weddings between people who were forbidden to marry. Before he died he wrote a message onthe prison wall. The message was for the woman he loved ….. (5) he signed the message ‘Your Valentine’. St. Valentine’s Day, .…. (6) is celebrated on the fourteenth of February, became the festival of lovers. According .…. (7) thetradition, young men used to write poems to give to young women. If the men weren’t good at writing poetry, they would copyone poem .…. (8) a poetry book. Girls made cards and gave them to the young men. The name of the sender of the card was….. (9) secret. People never signed those cards. Today you can buy lots of cards and presents to send on Valentine’s Day.Valentine’s Day symbols, .….. (10) are used today, include the heart-shaped objects, doves and the figure of the winged Cupid.

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    Re: I need urgent help in English testT on my University Entrance exam

    I am a little uneasy about saying it is wrong- it is not the answer I would have given, but I wouldn't say that your answer is impossible.

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    Re: I need urgent help in English testT on my University Entrance exam

    In the context of the passage, 'so' is not the most appropriate word, It would have been a little harsh if that word had caused you to get a failing mark but, as you obtained 96%, I think the authorities might not be too impressed by an appeal.

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