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    How can I say hello/goodbye online?

    I do private tutoring online and I need some phrases for saying 'hello' and 'good-bye' and dealing with some other situations online. For greeting I use 'Hello', 'Good to see you', then I say 'How is it going?/ How are things going for you?' Besides 'Goodbye!' , I use 'Bye!", 'See you (tomorrow/Monday)', 'Have a nice day/evening/weekend!' etc.

    However I feel there is more than that, there should be some phrases 'tailored' for online communication, because it's a bit different from communication in person offline. I would appreciate it if somebody suggested some 'online' phrases for the following communicative situations (Of course, I know very simple ones like 'Good morning!' or "I can't hear you well', but I need some more sophisticated ones, if you know what I mean):

    1) The student appears (the video and audio is on). The teacher says (greeting him/her): ....
    2) The teacher wants to check if the sound and video quality are all right, which means the online teaching platform we are using (not Skype but something of the kind) is working properly. The teacher says: ...
    3) The student can't hear me well, only some parts of phrases or some noise (he/she is describing the problem to me in details): The student says: Sorry, but....
    4) The teacher is going to restart the page and asks the student to do the same (for better quality of the sound and the video). The teacher says ...
    5) We suddenly got disconnected. After reconnecting the teacher says: ...
    6) The teacher is going to say 'good-bye' and get disconnected from the student in the classroom. The teacher says: ...

    I am quite aware of the fact that this list is too long, so I would be grateful for any ideas.
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    Re: How can I say hello/goodbye online?

    In my opinion you're overthinking. Your students want to learn how to communicate in day-to-day, face-to-face situations. I think it's quite appropriate to act as if you are in the same physical space.

    1. This one is complicated only if your student is so far away that 'your' local greeting would be inappropriate. You know where they are, so greet them as if you were there: 'Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening'
    2. Train your student to have something to talk about each time you 'meet'. This provides a 'warmup' and gives just a few minutes to chat on some inconsequential topic so you can judge the quality of the connection.
    3. "Sorry, but you're breaking up."
    4. "Our connection is not good. Please reload the page. I will do the same. I'll see you in a few minutes." This may be a problem, as some teaching sites keep track of the contact time and bill the student/pay you accordingly.
    5. "Sorry about that. We were working on..." Students computer savvy enough to take lessons on-line will not be surprised by the occasional dropped connection- especially if they are in a country where internet service is not up to a western standard.
    6. Confirm your next meeting and then simply say 'goodbye'.

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