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    Correct this sentence, please

    E.X The thief enjoys having trapped HIS VICTIMS in the bank

    1.- I mean "he has a good time when his victims are trapped by him in the bank"

    Is it correct?

    2.- I hesitate about placing "his victims" between 'having' and 'trapped'. Is it right or should it be as in my first sentence?

    The thief enjoys having HIS VICTIMS trapped in the bank.

    3.- What about the possessive "his"? Is it fine or should I use
    a definite article (the)? They are HIS victims because he
    trapped them, but I don´t know if using the possessive here
    is correct.

    thanks a million!

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    Re: Correct this sentence, please

    I prefer the second version, with the possessive, which connects him and the victims better.

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