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    I've suddenly realized

    I paid the second visit this summer and I've suddenly realized that immigrants and new comers are undermining social stability along with culture and history.

    source: I'm the one and only.

    I'm wondering if I used (the?) tenses correctly in the sentence above.
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    Please, correct all my mistakes. I should know English perfectly and if you show me my mistakes I will achieve my dream a little bit faster. A lot of thanks.

    Not a teacher nor a native speaker.

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    Re: I've suddenly realized

    Depends on the time relation of the 'realizing'. If the realizing came after the visit, then yes, it's correct. If, however, during the visit you realized (more likely), then it should be 'I suddenly realized...'

    It's a bit odd to think that one would "suddenly realize" after a second visit. I think this kind of conclusion would come after some consideration, not "suddenly".

    BTW, "the second visit" is slightly unusual. Only if two (or more) visits had been previously mentioned would the article 'the' be appropriate. 'A second visit' is more common.

    Also, newcomer is one word.

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