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    Pls help correct my passage about schools. Thanks!

    We believe more parents are financially capable and willing to send their children to study in private schools that can provide higher quality of education than public schools. We provide high-quality education to our students and endeavor to nurture students to not only excel in academics, but also become well-rounded individuals and constructive members of society. We believe the success of our educational services have lead our students achieve outstanding academic performance.

    We believe our schools are highly recognized by students and their parents as we received a substantial number of applications to our schools during the previous two years. Moreover, the confidence that our students and their parents have in us for providing high-quality educational services can be shown by the fact that a substantial number of our primary school students applied to our middle school even though our middle school only commenced its operation this year.

    We believe teachers are the key to maintaining our high-quality educational programs and services as well as maintaining the reputation of our schools. Some of our teachers achieved outstanding performance in teaching and received recognition from the relevant authorities. We maintain a rigorous hiring process for recruiting new teachers. We recruit teachers based on the number of our existing students and newly admitted students at the beginning of each school year. We will assess the capabilities of the teaching applicants by requiring them to explain to us their way of approach in teaching a particular topic chosen by our recruitment team and teach a live class by using their approach.

    We place great emphasis on the education curriculum of our primary school which is designed to stimulate our students’interests in knowledge and develop their problem-solving skills and self-confidence. We also tailor the courses for our primary school students so as to enable them to be well prepared for the learning environment of the middle school.

    Regarding recruitment of students for our middle school, students who can demonstrate high achievement in non-academic areas can be exempt from taking entrance examinations as we do not consider their examination results for our middle school admission. We believe our prospective students are mainly attracted by our reputation for providing high-quality education to our students. In order to attract high-quality students for our middle school, we offer scholarships to prospective students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in academic results or extracurricular activities.

    The campuses of our middle school have outdoor areas which allow our students to have enjoyable learning through a stimulating environment. In the event of the occurrence of serious and emergency medical situations, we will send our students to local hospitals for medical treatment.

    In order to capture the market opportunities in other countries, we entered into an agreement with a company in May 2016 pursuant to which we agreed to grant the right of exclusive use of our brand name to a primary school operated by the company in Texas for a term of 10 years in consideration of an annual fee paid by the company to us. Under the agreement, we also provided planning service to the company in respect of the design, renovation and facilities of the primary school for the initial development of the primary school. In order to ensure that the primary school could meet our standard, the company guaranteed to us that the primary school should be of high quality and we are allowed to provide our course material, teaching tools and play equipment to the primary school according to the agreement. Moreover, our teaching staff could visit the primary school to provide training and guidance to the primary school every school semester.

    Thank you!


    I am not a teacher

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    Re: Pls help correct my passage about schools. Thanks!

    What is the purpose of your essay? What are you going to do with it once it's finished?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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