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    receptionist? porter? janitor? doorkeeper?

    Which word better describes a job which consists in sitting in a small booth at a university (college) and giving the staff keys from the rooms? I know this word may not exist in English due to the absence of such a phenomenon, but could you tell me which word is the best for you personally to understand what I mean ?

    E. g. When I arrived to the university after being stuck in a traffic jam for 20 minutes, the woman in the booth gave me the key and I went upstairs quickly, because the lesson was about to start.
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    Re: receptionist? porter? janitor? doorkeeper?

    The people who do that at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge are called porters.​ They have lots of other responsibilities as well.
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    Re: receptionist? porter? janitor? doorkeeper?

    They were porters at my Durham college.

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