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    Red face What's this mean?

    It's time to hit the hay!

  1. AlainK

    Re: What's this mean?

    To go to bed in order to sleep.

    Also : "hit the sack".

    I was not 100% sure, so I checked here :

    Another good address to put in your bookmarks :



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    Re: What's this mean?

    The term comes from an old english expression. Bed were usually loose hay/straw, in 'wealthy homes' hay/straw in sacks. Term ment 'to go to bed.'

    First was 'hit the hay,' the second refers to 'hit the sack.'

  2. sheena55ro

    Re: What's this mean?

    Quote Originally Posted by 10000kbps
    It's time to hit the hay!

    "hit the hay" is an idiom meaning "go to bed in order to sleep"


    mattresses used to be stuffed with straw or hay.



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