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    Why use "it" before "rain"

    ​Why use it in:
    "if it rains, I use an umbrella."
    "I use an umbrella if it rains"

    Why not use "if rain, I use an umbrella" ?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Why use "it" before "rain"

    Welcome to the forum, Cucobr.

    We could just about say 'In case of rain,, ...', but after 'if' we generally need a clause.

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    Re: Why use "it" before "rain"

    "If it rains" is a clause that includes a verb. I imagine the Portuguese equivalent also requires a verb. The difference is that English verbs normally require a subject pronoun, which isn't needed in Portuguese. We can't just say "Rains!" to announce that it's raining; we have to say that something rains. We use it as a "dummy" pronoun to replace that "something".
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