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    home VS at home

    Please indicate which sentences are incorrect or allow both with or without ‘at’ usage.
    1. Last weekend we stayed at home because of the rain.
    2. I stayed _ home last weekend because of the flu.
    3. I think we'll be _ home Saturday afternoon.
    4. Call me anytime - I'm always _ home.
    5. The whole household was at home that morning.
    6. We spent last weekend at home because of the rain.
    7. My wife should be _ home now.
    8. Oh no! I left my purse at home.
    9. At best, we'll be _ home late in the evening.
    10 Teresa is not _ home - she's at her sister's now.

    I can’t figure out a rule of thumb for that.

    And another thing, recently I came across the sentence:
    This natural remedy helps insomnia.
    No preposition! Is it possible?

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    Re: home VS at home

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 are all acceptable with or without 'at', although I would be inclined to use it almost always.

    I feel that 6 and 8 require 'at'.

    'This natural remedy helps insomnia' is fine. It doesn't actually mean that insomnia is helped by the remedy. It should be seen as a synonym of alleviate.
    I am not a teacher

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