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    I would like to know the name of a poem, but I can't even remember most of the content. I'm sure it was called "The Sweetie Man", or something similar. I remember that my mother used to recite it to me - she had learned it when she was young - and hope to find it written out in full somewhere.
    The rough storyline is of the reader meeting this peculiar man who is made entirely of confection. Bit by bit the reader eats him until there is nothing left. '"How much do I owe?", I asked. My words fell on the empty air. I'd eaten him all up and so, of course, he wasn't there!' is part that I remember, along with 'But, oh, he shivered in his shoes, for they were almond ice".
    Can you help me at all?

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    I have tried to find it from the information you give, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the web that fits.


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