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    Dear friends,

    There is a tradition connected with the monument to Peter the Great in Peterhof. People gather around the monument especially in good weather and throw coins at the monument. The goal is to make a coin fall into Peter's boots. My question is about the quality people actually test when throwing the coins.

    Is it called "accuracy" or "precision" when we speak about hitting the boots of Peter which are almost 3.5 metres high above the ground? The people who manage to cope with the task are called "accurate" or "precise"?


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    Re: accuracy/precision

    In terms of aiming at a target, accuracy is the ability to hit what you're aiming at (or at least come close). Precision is the ability to duplicate the efforts. Those who can throw a single coin and hit Peter's boots are accurate. If they can hit his boots with several coins, they're precise and accurate. If they throw several coins at his boots, but consistently hit his stomach, they're precise but not accurate.

    See this chart to clarify.

    However, in lay terms, many people use these (erroneously) interchangeably.
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    Re: accuracy/precision

    Accurate is the better choice, both in its statistical sense as skrej explained, and in everyday language.
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