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    Please help me with this expressions.

    How would you say that an event has been moved to a indoor place, because is going to rain tomorrow.

    "Our annual event has been moved indoors due to the rain"
    "Becouse of the rain in the tomorrow's forecast will be having our event indoors"
    "Due to the rain will be having our event indoors"

    Which one is the proper less "awcour" (don't know the spelling) expresion?

    thanks for checking

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    Re: help

    can we use one of these,

    Due to the weather forecast of Rain for tomorrow, our event has been moved indoors….

    Our event has been moved indoors, because of the weather forecast that it will be rain tomorrow…

    Announcement of the Rain tomorrow from weather forecast, we have managed our event indoors…

    Tomorrow’s event will be indoors, because of the “Predication of Rain”…

    can anyone help to check the grammar??? I am afraid of "sentence structure".

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    Re: help

    If the event will be moved indoors only if it rains (that is, if the predicted rain doesn't come, the event will still be held outdoors), the usual expression is: "In case of rain, the event will be held indoors."

    Otherwise, you can say: "Due to the predicted rain tomorrow, our event has been moved indoors."


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