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    the space in between increased with each crossing

    A girl went up on the roof at night for a cigarette. She lay down on the roof and thought about her grief. She heard a thud. She raised her head and saw the door closed. She jumped up, ran, saw that the plank of wood used to prop it open had been kicked away. The janitor had come, locked up for the night. She flung herself at the steel door, pounded her fists, called out his name.

    "She ran across the rooftop to the west wall, the east wall, the north and south, back and forth until the space in between increased with each crossing. She leaned over, called down eight stories to the street below."
    (Quoted from Academy street by Mary Costello).

    I am not sure what is meaning of underlined words. Please could someone help me out. Does it mean she got exhausted? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: the space in between increased with each crossing

    I agree with your interpretation generally. She would have slowed down the more she ran so the time gap (space) increased gradually between each run between the walls.

    Please quote the source and author of the extract you posted.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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