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    With the pitch easing up and the ball going soft

    With the pitch easing up and the ball going soft, it had a major impact on the skipper's plan to bowl his spinners in tandem.

    The above sentences are taken from an article on ( on going cricket series ). What part of speech does " with pitch....and the ball going soft" belong to? And what does the whole phrase modify? And why have they used " the" article in those phrases? What is the grammatical function of "with" at the begining of the sentence?
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    Re: With the pitch easing up and the ball going soft

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    We recommend posting a question on one forum only initially. If you do not get a satisfactory answer from that forum and you feel that you have exhausted its possibilities, then of course trying a different forum might help. It is only courteous however, to tell the second forum that you have already asked the question on another forum and then give a precis of the answers you received there, along with an explanation of why you are now looking elsewhere.
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