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    Question The meaning of the word “enquested”

    I am looking for the meaning of the word "enquested". I would like to use it in the context of "you were given a quest" or "somebody made you quest something" (with or without your explicit intent).

    An example: "Frodo was enquested by Gandalf." or "I am enquested." (i.e. I was given a quest.)

    I made a search on the Google and the word is not used anywhere.

    I created the word by following the following logic:

    1. There is the word "quest" which means: "a long or arduous search for something" or "search for; seek out".
    2. There is the "en" prefix which means
      "a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from French and productive in English on this model, forming verbs with the general sense “to cause (a person or thing) to be in” the place, condition, or state named by the stem; more specifically, “to confine in or place on” ( enshrine; enthrone; entomb); “to cause to be in” ( enslave; entrust; enrich; encourage; endear); “to restrict” in the manner named by the stem, typically with the additional sense “on all sides, completely” ( enwind; encircle; enclose; entwine). This prefix is also attached to verbs in order to make them transitive, or to give them a transitive marker if they are already transitive ( enkindle; enliven; enshield; enface)."
    3. The "ed" is just the past tense which means that it already happened or you can use it in passive mode.

    I have another issue with the word (besides that it is not found by Google). According to Merriam Webster enquest is another/older form of inquest. I do not want to use the word in the sense of law.

    I have found one occurrence of the word enquest here, but I cannot understand its meaning clearly:

    The Birth Life and Acts of King Arthur, of His Noble Knights of the Round Table, Their Marevllous Enquests and Adventures, the Achieving of the San Greal and in the End Le Morte Darthur with the Dolourous Death and Departing out of This World of Them All
    My questions:

    1. Is the word "enquested" exists?
    2. Is the meaning of the word "you were given a quest" or something similar?
    3. Is it easy to mix it with the word "inquest"? Do you thing for the same when you read the word "enquest"? Do you have a feel that "enquested" is a law related thing?
    4. What is the difference between the words "enquested" and "enquestened"?

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    Re: The meaning of the word “enquested”

    I have never seen enquested. You have created it. If you want to use it, then use it, but be prepared for many of your readers not to understand what you mean. There are plenty of ways of saying the same thing in a way that is readily understood.

    The examples here seem to mean simply quest, usually after something like avowed. Le Morte d'Arthur is a very old text that many would struggle with if they didn't read it in a modernised text because the language has changed so much since then.

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