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    please check the letter and modify it

    Please tell me whether the letter i have written is correct or not to the canadian consulate general as soon as possible.i will be very thankful to u

    and the letter goes as below

    The Canadian Consulate General
    Attention:Immigration Officer

    In References to Application for Canadian Immigration

    This letter has beeb drafted in an effort to help you evaluate my proficiency in English language as per the present selection requirements.

    I grew up in India where English is used in Education,Bussiness and in Government on a regular basis. Personally, I have been speaking in it from my childhood and also,my high school education, Post
    high school Education, graduation and Post Graduation studies in computer science were in the english language. Apart from my formal education, i have seen lot of english movies, read works by
    english authors and watched mainstream english telivision.

    After post graduation I have been working in software development. This profession requires a high level of proficiency in the english. I have been able to advance my career in the field of software
    engineering which became my major speciality. After acquiring valuble experience in India i came to USA in August 2001 to continue my career in the software industry and have been working in this
    area till date.

    I have been working in the USA for the past 5 years and all my communications is in the english either spoken or written. Given my background, I feel confident that i have good grasp in the English
    Language.I have been using my knowledge to boost my rating as a Programmer Analyst in iTech US Inc.,where i am currently employed.

    I trust that my arguments are strong enough to merit full points and i thank ypu in anticipation of the favourable decision.



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    Re: please check the letter and modify it

    In References to - Re
    This letter has beeb drafted in an effort to help you evaluate my proficiency in English language as per the present selection requirements.- the use of the passive suggests that you didn't write the letter ytourself. Use the active.
    Bussiness- spelling, and I don't see the need for the capitalisation here
    graduation and Post Graduation- university and post-graduate
    english- capitalise
    After post graduation- Since completing my Master's degree (or whatever it was)
    in the english- no article and capitalise
    which became my major speciality- punctuation and why not 'I have specialised in'
    USA - article
    till date- till now
    communications is- agreement
    either- both
    good grasp in- a...of

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