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    What does "pulse rate" mean?

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to find out the call prices of a mobile network operator, so I visited its website and in the tariff description I saw the following note: pulse rate is 30 seconds.
    I only can suppose that if I for example speak 1 second I pay for 30 seconds, if I speak 31 seconds I pay for 60 seconds, and so on. Am I right?

    Thanks for you help in advance! :)

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    Re: What does "pulse rate" mean?

    I have no idea what the website is referring to. I thought pulses and pulse rates were technological relics from the era of the rotary dial phone.

    Any search results I get about mobile phones and pulse rates are just various apps and devices to measure your heart rate.
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    Re: What does "pulse rate" mean?

    I've never heard that term. I don't know of a specific term to describe a tariff in which calls are charged in 30-second segments as you described.
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