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    kaffir dogs

    "Getting a new dog turned out to be more difficult than we thought, and for reasons rooted deep in the nature of our family." For what, on the face of it, could have been eeasier to find a puppy once it had been decided: 'jock needs a companion, otherwise he'll spend his time with those
    dirty kaffir dogs in the compound."

    This is from the book More Modern Short Stories by Peter JW Taylor and the name of the original story is "The Story of Two Dogs" by Dorris Lessing.

    In the above what does "kaffir dogs" mean?

    Thank you.

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    Re: kaffir dogs

    Googling kaffir tells me it's term used by some white South Africans for black people. Depending on when the story was written, the term may have been meant as offensive or may have been merely dismissive.

    The character extends the term to mean native or wild; the character means that a native dog must be inferior to a "proper" European breed.
    I am not a teacher.

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