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    Leibniz was not afraid to grasp the often curious implications of his rigid rationalistic approach. The idea that each monad contained its own more or less clear consciousness of the entire universe, together with his previously mentioned proof that time did not exist, led him to an intriguing conclusion. Each monad must contain within it a consciousness of its entire life in the universe. But since the soul of each human being is a monad, he concluded ‘that the individual notion of each person involves once and for all everything that will ever happen to him’. This may find faint echoes in some modern psychological theory, but it directly contravened the Christianity of the period. Such an idea would have rendered Judgment Day not only irrelevant but unjust. Here was another theory that Leibniz prudently consigned to his drawer.

    Philosophy in an Hour - Paul Strathern

    Hello, everyone. I cannot grasp the meaning of the sentence in red. Especially, 'individual notion' part. Can someone please help me with this? I've written the whole paragraph in the hope of easing it for you with the context.

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    Re: Notion

    I think you can replace "notion" with "idea". Could you explain what a monad is?

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    Re: Notion

    A person not only includes all that has happened to them in the past, but also all that will happen to them in the future. A person is the sum of their past and future as a monad is indivisible, so the future cannot be separated from it.

    (I think)

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