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    Shoot bolt


    Can anybody explain to me what the bold text means?

    The silent form confronting Dr Fazo did not stir.
    ‘Think back. And I shall add another word, a name. The name you gave them as your own in the Museum.
    Because you were thirty-two years old. Not “Thote”. They didn’t get it right. Not quite, but nearly. It
    Thoth! It was out at last, and Dr Fazo’s bolt was neatly shot. What would he see? But for some reason he
    did not wish to look too closely at the figure in the chair. Instead, he took up a small parcel which had been
    lying on his desk. ‘I have the proof beside me here. A book. A book you glanced at—more than glanced at—when
    you were a little boy. And, on a certain page, are pencil marks, thumb-stains and childish scribblings. Upon a
    certain page—the thirty-second . . .’

    John Metcalfe, Mr. Meldrum Mania, 1925

    Thanks a lot.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Shoot bolt

    Click here.

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    Re: Shoot bolt

    To shoot a bolt can mean "to engage a lock", but in this case I think it means more generally "to engage a mechanism".
    I am not a teacher.

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