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    Waking echoes


    Can anybody explain to me what fear of waking echoes and psycho´d means in the context? (I think psycho´d probably means he has been locked in a madhouse or treated by a psychiatrist)

    Yet how could she have known? This unexpected meeting was, of course, the ‘regrettable exception’ alluded
    to above, and brooding upon Mrs Schultzenheimer has made Mr Smith extremely nervous. Although the complete
    story never became public and that small early-July-morning hubbub round the elevator was soon entirely
    forgotten, he still has an exaggerated fear of waking echoes. In spite of this, again, he feels a little like
    the Ancient Mariner, or like the seedy, weedy fellow of the Nancy Bell. He must tell somebody. At Dr Fazo’s
    instigation, and to avoid ‘repressions’, he has himself been psycho’d and has written an account of the whole
    painful history—but it is most essential that he remain incognito.

    John Metcalfe, Mr. Meldrum Mania, 1925.

    Thank you very much.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Waking echoes

    I agree with you about "psycho'd". It means "being treated by a psychiatrist". (The other one is a mystery to me.)

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