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    Putting bed sheet on ground and jerking it.

    I would like you to imagine that there is a family that has come to garden for a picnic. They have a sheet, like a bed sheet that they have to put "(what word should be used here?)" on the ground to sit on it. After they are done and ready to go back home they pick it up but they have to get rid of dust and food particles that are on that sheet before furling it so what will we say here? "They jerked that sheet or they gave it a jerk?"

    Please check.

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    Re: Putting bed sheet on ground and jerking it.

    They went into the garden.
    They spread the sheet (out) on the ground.
    When they had finished and were ready to go indoors, they shook the sheet (gave the sheet a shake) to get rid the the crumbs and dirt, and then folded it up.

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