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    Lightbulb grammar check for my essay and editing

    Bearing A Child: The gift of giving life.
    Bearing a child is one of God’s greatest gifts for women to experience. When we are given the opportunity to have a child, I don’t believe it’s something that just happens through sexual intercourse, but that it is a gift. However, we as women face several risk factors when conceiving or delivering a child. For example, developing diagnoses of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart condition, and even death can result from a complicated pregnancy. But lets not get caught up on the talking about the negative aspects of bearing or giving birth to a child and elaborate on what makes it worth- while. Giving birth to my son and dealing with a complicated pregnancy were difficult, but my son and I made it through successfully in the end with God’s protection.
    May 2005, I received great news from my doctor that I was 2 months pregnant. It was the happiest day of my life and to know that God allowed me to become a new mother was awesome. Through out that same day I my heart became discouraged. My flesh began to intercede telling me, “ No don’t do it you will ruin your life”. “What about you’re new job and school”? “How are you going to manage it all”? I just closed my eyes and said “ God strengthen me.” From there on I knew God was with me every step of the way. I believed in all my heart that I was going to be a great mother for my child. I arrived home and told my boyfriend the good news and he was so happy. I had never seen a man so excited to become a father. It was truly amazing! Our family and friends were so supportive it was such a blessing.
    Seven months into my pregnancy thing were complicated. But I was strong and never give up. Countless times I was in the hospital due to high blood pressure and dehydration. My doctor restricted me from participating in any in or out going activity. I was so frustrated and miserable but I had to do what was best for the health of my unborn son and myself. However, that same week I returned to the hospital due to pre-term labor. I stayed there for three days being monitored. My midwife Sandra placed me on a steroid to help the development of my baby’s lungs just in case I delivered. The thought of losing my baby terrified me. My midwife encouraged me and told me I was going to be fine don’t worry. On November 17,2005 I was able to return home without delivering and did not return until that big day.
    “ My Big Day”! January 05, 2006 at 2:55 am. I give birth to my precious son Anthony Glenn McLeod III at Sinai Community Hospital weighing 6lbs 5.5 ounces. I delivered him in 30 minutes tops. I was so proud of myself and was put on the board for one of the fastest labor and deliveries in the unit. Many mother go through labor for hours and days. But to have my first child in 30 minutes was awesome. God is good at all times. My face filled with tears of happiness to meet my baby boy for the very first time. When he opened his eyes my heart overflowing with lot’s of love to give him. After the nurses cleaned Anthony I was able to hold gently in my arms hugging and kissing him over and over again. I really enjoy my stay in the hospital the nurses and doctor were excellent. They were always generous, polite, and very supportive after I give birth to my son. My departure from the hospital was a very exciting day because I walk out those doors with my health and strength, and a life of new beginnings.
    My son is soon to be 6 months old and I love him dearly. I thank my Lord and Savior for just being there through it all. I stated in the beginning it not always easy bearing or giving birth to a child but I never give up because I had faith. Since my son arrived some of those empty places in my heart has been filled. My son Anthony has inspired me to the best and everyday I see him smile tells me that giving him life was worth it all.

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    Re: grammar check for my essay and editing

    developing diagnoses- you don't develop a diagnosis
    lets- let's
    Through out- Throughout
    I my heart became discouraged- you can't have two subjects like this
    in all my heart- in my heart
    so excited to become- at becoming
    in or out going activity- unclear
    I was going to be fine don’t worry- fine and not to worry
    I give birth- gave
    labor- labors
    Many mother- mothers
    lot’s- lots
    hold gently- hold him
    after I give- gave
    it not always easy- it is not
    has been filled- have

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