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    Id sooner we didnt

    Please could anybody give some garammatical comment on the phrase:
    Id sooner we didnt go there now
    Is it the same as
    Id rather we didnt go there now. ?
    Is it colloquial? What is its formal equivalent?

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    Re: Id sooner we didnt

    Would rather, would sooner, would as soon, had better, had best, etc, (followed by a bare infinitive verb) are classified as modal idioms. Although I suspect that some grammarians could place these in a hierarchy of formality, I don't think it is worth the effort; none are too casual to use in writing, it seems to me.

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    Re: Id sooner we didnt

    Thank you, Mister Micawber.
    I'm afraid what you've written is somewhat off the point. My sentence is similar to the I wish construction, it uses the Subjunctive, not Infinitive. Do you mean to say I can only use the Infinitive here?

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