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    make fun of

    Hi everyone I've just posted my topic here, I hope someone can help me about it.

    I was watching the American sitcom "The Middle" and I noticed a sentence in a conversation beetwen husband and wife, they're talking about their daughter. Look at this conversation:

    Wife: We're her parents.
    It's our job to cheer her on, no matter what.

    Husband: I love my daughter, and I'll not have her made fun of.

    Someone please can explain to me the rule of this second sentence, why he uses first the simple future then the past simple (made)?Shouldn't be "BE made fun of"? Obviously I would be very grateful if someone could correct my grammar mistakes.


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    Re: make fun of

    There is neither future simple nor past simple in that sentence. 'Will' is used in the sense of insistence; 'made' is a third form (past participle).

    The sentence means that the speaker will not permit a situation in which his daughter is made fun of. 'To be' does not work in the original sentence.

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