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Thread: MAKE VS DO

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    Lightbulb MAKE VS DO

    Hello, What is the difference between make and do?


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    Re: MAKE VS DO

    I would suggest some internet research for in-depth details, but here's one site with a good explanation. Here's a video on the subject, although it's geared more towards helping teachers explain the difference.

    There are exceptions which you'll have to read about, but in general, we use 'make' for activities which produce or create something, and 'do' for general actions and activities. That is of course a very simplified explanation, and you'll want to look at some more in-depth sources for more detail.
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    Re: MAKE VS DO

    Welcome to the forum.

    Sometimes the two words are interchangeable and sometimes they're not. It's all about context. In Spanish, there is one verb (hacer) which means both "make" and "do" but you just need to learn the difference between the English versions. This will come with experience.
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