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    Re: how to improve listening?

    My advice is to read as many as possible in order to polish your vocabulary. Every day you could listen theBBC online radio. You might not understand everything at the beginning but do not give up even if you will catch up only a few words. You will be accustomed to understanding a lot with time. Never give up. Practice is the only way to reach the perfection. You will be with time like a dog with two tails when you see how much you have improved in English language skills. So have a nice practice.


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    Re: how to improve listening?

    just watch a movies and news so and so contain listening.

    that will work as I did these days!

    as the say goes (( the more you listen, the more you understand and benefit))

    and our God will aid you babe!

    that all i have to deliver to you as a teacher did with us when we asked him.

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    Re: how to improve listening?

    Quote Originally Posted by smilelee View Post
    when I question my teacher ang classmates who major in english about it. the same answer is following such as "you must listen more and more". I am also trying to do so, but it's diffcult to begin.
    Can you give me some adivices?

    Hi, smilelee

    I am also confronting this problem. What I am doing to listen better is watching TV as much as possible. Since I do not know enough English, I do not catch everything. Yet, I do not let that bother me.I do the same thing every day even though it gives me a headache. I acknowledge that this is one of the best ways to boost this difficult skill. I also liked that someone recommended tapescripts.

    Thank you!

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