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    please help me!I can't understand the words blew

    Mad Apple, love apple , bad apple,
    thorn apple,apple-knocker

    please translate those for me,thanks!

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    Re: apple

    Hello Smilelee

    "Thorn-apple" is the common name for plants of the genus Datura, esp. Datura stramonium.

    "Love apple" is an old name for "tomato".

    "Mad apple" is another name for "aubergine".

    A "bad apple" is a figurative expression: if one apple rots, in a container full of apples, the rot spreads to all the other apples. Thus a "bad apple" in an organization (someone who takes bribes, for instance) can cause others to behave in the same way.

    "Apple-knocker" I don't know: perhaps another member will be able to help!

    All the best,

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