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Thread: Drop it out

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    Drop it out

    So I was playing HoN(just some game there... like DOTA, LOL) we were playing 5vs5 and one of my team mates was cought in fight and we all started to fight just after he died and he said to us "Don't fight, you should drop it out and tp out"

    TP is an item which teleports you to the base. I can tell by conext the meaning of "drop it out" but I'd rather a native speaker gave me his/her opinion, in what other situations can be used? I know people say for example "a school/college dropout" when someone doesn't finish "school/college" I guess it means to abandon.

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    Re: Drop it out


    The term is "drop out," as in to drop out of fight in this case. Not "drop it out."

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    Re: Drop it out

    And drop out can be used in many contexts outside HoN- you can drop out of any course or thing you participate in.

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