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    Lightbulb Talking about holidays


    I want to ask a friend about his holidays. He is back safe and sound. He is next to me.

    A: what were you doing on you holidy?
    B: what did you do on your holiday?

    Which is correct?

    What should be his answer:

    A: I had a lot of free time. I was eating ice-cream. I was sunbathing. I was going to the theatre.
    B; I had a lot of fee time. I ate ice-cream. I sunbathed. I went to the theatre.

    Which is correct?


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    Re: Talking about holidays

    B is nearly right in the question and the answer. You need to capitalize the first word of each sentence, correct a spelling error, and replace the hyphen with a space.
    I am not a teacher.

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