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    suds or bubbles

    Child: Look! Bubbles!

    Parent: No, those aren't called bubbles. Those are called suds.

    Should you teach the term suds the to young children, say a three-year-old? Or should you just let them say bubbles?

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: suds or bubbles

    I don't think it makes any difference, but 'bubbles' sounds more kid-friendly.

    Six of one, a half-dozen of the other.

    I suppose there's a technical difference, in that suds are smaller and frothy, where bubbles could be larger and less frothy, but from a 3-year old's perspective, they're equally as fun.

    All suds are bubbles, but not all bubbles are suds.
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    Re: suds or bubbles

    Skrej is pretty well on the money, except I would say that if the child is capable of understanding the distinction, then teach the details. If such minutiae confuse the child, delay such lessons until the child has further matured, and try again.

    Always test in small increments above the child's level to keep your child engaged and challenged.

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    Re: suds or bubbles

    I can't feel strongly- they'll learn what to use when it really matters, and I can't see anything wrong with a three-year-old calling them bubbles. They have a point too- suds are a kind of subset of bubbles.

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